Very fast & very pure & super refreshing: Geeister Almond Chai

Geeister Almond Chai #recipe #gourmetguerilla You're hot. You're sweating. No breeze brings cooling. The air is frozen. You reach for the glass, let the brown ice cubes strum a round and take the first, icy-cold sip. You are surprised by the unusual flavors. It is sweet in a pleasant way - but much less sweet than the limos, which should otherwise cool you down. You take another sip. The ice cubes slowly dissolve and reveal more and more of their taste. Somehow reminds of Christmas, you think. But somehow not. Spices ... strong ... harmonious ... oriental ... a hint of spice ... a hint of almonds ... invigorating. Ahhhhh ... wonderful! The first glass is empty. More! Great way, you have a couple of Portiönchen more of your homemade, iced Almond Chai in the fridge.


Geeister Almond Chai #recipe #gourmetguerilla # summer drink #chai

Great for the optics: Use a milk frother or a whisk to whip up the almond milk until cold (!) fluffy foam is created and given as a velvety cushion on top of the almond chai.

Geeister Almond Chai #recipe #gourmetguerilla #sommerdrink #chai

And this is how it works - the recipe for 4 glasses:

0.75 liter of water in a saucepan, add 5 teabags of chai to the water and let it steep for 15 minutes. Be sure to buy a chai without any flavorings, added sugar or other additives. Chai, which is offered as a powder, consists mostly of 80% sugar - with teabags you are usually right, but still take a look at the list of ingredients. A decent chai is just black tea and spices.

(If you like, experiment a bit and use more spices to taste.) I still have 1 star anise and 1 piece Add chili to the boiling water, heat is great in the heat.)

Remove the teabags and additional spices and allow the tea to cool. Fill in ice cube molds and allow to freeze in the freezer compartment.

To serve, place a few of the chai ice cubes in a glass and top up with ice cold almond milk (such as alpro). Almond milk goes well with the Chai and brings a great basic sweetness, which makes sugar & Co. superfluous. It has even fewer carbohydrates than normal cow milk (around 3 g) and is also ideal for vegans and people with lactose intolerance. Again, it is worthwhile to look at the label again: The taste should come only from the almonds and not from flavors etc.

Tip: The almond milk is also great to make yourself. So 200 g of almonds soak in cold water overnight. Drain the soaking water and crush the almonds with 1 l of hot water in the blender until a white liquid has formed without chips. Pour the pureed almonds through a strainer lined with a cheesecloth. Press out the mass remaining in the cloth well. Almond milk may be sweet and cold with 1 tablespoon agave syrup .

Common almond chai #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #sommerdrink #chai

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