Bloody Mary Cazpacho with lamb and melon skewers

Bloody Mary Cazpacho with lamb and melon skewer #recipe #gourmetguerilla "A meal without a glass of wine is our name Breakfast. "Ha! What a very sympathetic statement, with which Vijay Sapre tells us in the editorial of the current issue of the Effilee, where the culinary hammer hangs. In Germany, one slips with such habits quite quickly into a questionable corner: "LUNCH already have a glass of wine?" One is often asked by caring people in the area. And one sees clearly in the cloudy or doubtful folds of the forehead that one moves with this improper behavior rather quickly towards the edge of society. At least in thought. Is she drinking secretly? Does she need alcohol in broad daylight? Do we have to talk urgently? Maybe she has a problem?

The answer is no, we do not have to talk (at least not about it). I feel fantastic! I only prefer the French lifestyle. I love good food and I love good drinks, I derive a lot of quality of life and joy. Even a simpler meal gets something elegant and round through an average good wine. And why should not I spoil myself with delights even during my lunch break, after spending half a day doing some work and spending another good part of the day? Why should I torture myself with a sweet soda as an accompaniment, if I can have it tastier? Just. You have to do it well as soon as possible. Point.

Incidentally, this should not be a call to professional drivers, operators of heavy machinery and pregnant women to neatly nibble at noon. It is only a desire not to consider every consumption of alcohol as an expression of a deep-seated problem, but also to allow enjoyable, carefree sides. We understand each other, right. Drink responsibly. And don't drink and drive. But have a nice lunch.

Stupidly, I can not think of an elegant textual transition to the delicious soup down the picture. Let's try it instead with a pinch of sarcasm: If you do not want to raise the wine stigma in public, you can use inconspicuous things. How about, for example, a glassy vodka in the soup? For camouflage you just add a small skewer.

Outrageous. Delicious.

Bloody Mary Cazpacho with lamb and melon skewers.

Bloody Mary Gazpacho with lamb and melon skewer #recipe #gourmetguerilla #wodka

 Bloody Mary Gazpacho with lamb and melon skewer #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vodka

And so goes the recipe for 4 people:

1 red pepper , 1 peeled red onion , 2 celery stalks , Slice 1/2 snake cucumber and 2 tomatoes into coarse pieces and place in blender. Salt and black pepper , 1 garlic clove , 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar , 3 dried soft tomatoes , 1-2 tablespoons agave syrup (or sugar) and 1 good shot of Worcester sauce and mix for several minutes A very homogeneous vegetable juice has been produced.

Pass the vegetable juice through a very fine sieve to remove all solid ingredients and obtain a great, velvety consistency. Rinse the blender and then refill the vegetable juice.Cold.

Pour the Bloody Mary Gazpacho into small glasses and garnish to taste with chives , coarsely crushed pepper and small diced vegetables.

lamb and melon skewers
1 slice of herb butter melt. 1 slice leg of lamb without bone in 2 tablespoons olive oil and marinate the liquid herb butter. In the meantime, slice 1 slice of watermelon into cubes about 1 cm in length and place in 4cl vodka . Heat a pan or a table grill and fry the drained lamb meat on both sides for 4 minutes. When the meat has taken color, wrap it in a piece of aluminum foil and let it rest briefly.

Remove the melon cubes from the vodka and drain briefly on kitchen paper. Salt the lamb, pepper and cut into cubes of 1 cm edge length. Alternately place the melon and lamb cubes on small skewers , season with salt and pepper and serve immediately with the Bloody Mary Gazpacho.

Pick up some of the melon-vodka marinade with 4 pimpettes and serve it to the gazpacho for dribbling. Alternatively, add 1 tablespoon of the vodka on top of each soup.

Bloody Mary Gazpacho with lamb and melon skewer #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vodka

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