The 10 best "lasagna alternatives". In such circumstances.

We need the lasagna affair that is currently so hot and much talked about just in the short term practical solutions. With delicious pictures. Here are my 10 favorite vegetarian "lasagna alternatives" - mostly without noodles, but they are delicious. The link to the recipe can be found below the pictures.


Raw Tomato Sauce à la Miracoli

Taboulé off the lens

Quesadillas with Guacamole after Jamie Oliver

Paksoi with Shallot Peanut Crunch and Sesame Coconut Tofu

Ayurvedic Lemon Rice Soup

Spicy Tofu with Vegetable Spinach, Tomatoes and Yellow Lentils

kohlrabi soup with chili and lemon

Incredible Herb Camembert Grilled

Vegetable Goulash

Tofu in black pepper sauce with spring onions