Internorga 2013 and the very first blogger day: Exciting newcomers, delicious product tips and curios.

The Internorga has - very advanced - invited to the 1st Blogger Day since its founding. I was there and also surprised directly positive: In addition to the usual suspicious 5kg buckets of nut nougat pudding for the catering and completely produced convenience abominations are also many start-ups and small companies with very exciting ideas and products. Slow food, real food and sustainability are also on trend at the Internorga. Especially in the newcomer area, companies that are still in their infancy are given the opportunity to present themselves to the world of food. That's what I like!

By the way, I spent the day in good company with lovely colleagues: Sarah from Sarah's crisis hotspot, Björn von Herzfutter, Steffi from L'Esprit Délicat, Hendrik von Wurstsack, Jiro from Next Organic and Karin von Bakingevents. Well, it was with you!

You can see my most colorful, nicest and most curious impressions of the gastronomy scene here and now in a compact overview:

1. 9:45 am - Blogger's Day starts at the Hamburg Exhibition Center , Because parts of us look a bit tired, there is first a coffee in the press lounge. Good idea! 2. Now we are awake: cocoa products from Blömboom in delightful brightly colored packaging. The cocoa is offered in different qualities, dosage forms and flavors, contains in part very much sugar, but at least no artificial flavors. Unfortunately, organic quality or fair trade are not standard features - that's a pity. 3. Frozen lasagna blocks, ready made and portioned. Somehow ... artificial. But graphically very nice. 4. I wonder if the CocaCola counter of the last recruiting fair has accidentally landed on the Internorga? Well, my employer is not. 5. The Heinz classics in a 3.5 liter plastic container. Size is sometimes a bit daunting, if you are not used to it. 6. Björn tastes a very, very pink convenience pastry, death-defying. Thankfully, he got away with it unscathed. 7. Extremely pretty and photogenic in the brown sausage costume: you have to imitate the hostess of the Nescafé stand for now. 8. Crockery Alarm: An endless, covered table in the glass bridge of the Hamburg Trade Fair. I would like that there and there and that and the vases over there and ... Oh, just look, do not touch. Hm. 9. Fake photo beer hospitality in hut window with floral decoration. The men's concentration in front of the beer hut: Extremely high.

1. Since Bionade was known to be sold to a large corporation, lemonade BioZisch is rapidly gaining ground in the Hamburg pubs. The new variety: raspberry-cassis. But beware! Organic lemonade is not necessarily automatically "healthy" or without sugar. But the packaging with "Henning" is an eyecatcher. 2 Something handmade: Delicious organic bread galore. third & 6. Nuts and energy bars made from wholegrain organic ingredients with no colorings, flavors and fuss. Delicious! And very pretty! 4. How nasty can it be? Finished scrambled eggs in a TK bag - from our friends from Wiesenhof for the gentle gastronomy. Uhhhhm ... I think I'll ask in the restaurant car of the Deutsche Bahn soon something more accurate. 5. From the heart, from the oven. A good motto.& 2. Most delicious scents, blooms and plants - flavor explosions of pineapple, pepper and mint in a tiny leaf! Pure surprise. Who would have thought that one could eat succulents (yes, those plants with funny, fleshy leaves)? Again, something learned - and delighted. Sorry, currently only available in wholesale 3. Cakes, tarts, cakes, pastries ... as far as the eye can see. That's not mine. By the way, not even if you implement a candle holder. 4. Visual recovery after the pie department: colorful vegetables. 5. Karin Tischer from Food and more first gave a talk on international food trends - and then got into a slightly longer controversy with Hendrik ethical-moral responsibilities. 6. The new coffee trend from Italy: ginseng espresso. We're curious to know when that will arrive.

1. Lunch time. In the amazingly colorful Café Furture, there was something like vitamin water, tea, hearty dishes with fancy names, and fashionable dessert creations with cheese and vegetables. 2 Chicken skewers with pansies and salad side dish , Rather, something for the small appetite - or the second course. 3. Butter cake with apple slice, cheddar and ice ball of a big, well-known ice cream maker. 4. The typical lunch of English and American schoolchildren. Sad. Creepy. Ugly. Hopefully we will never let that happen. You're welcome. 5. Happiness in pieces: burgers with wasabi guacamole and sprouts. Chön charf! 6. Yes, even the appropriate external representation is part of the daily routine. Give me a A ! Especially when it shines so beautifully.

first & 2. Many of us know the Snack Boxes, which in chocolate bars and sweet stuffs are an energy boost in between or as a last resort for nighttime overtime. Of course, this is much better and healthier: with the bitebox. Nuts and kernels are combined with dried fruits and spices and served in practical bowls. Very contemporary: Only natural ingredients, some from organic production, get pleasing names and are offered in a compact Big-Bitebox with customizable advertising space. So companies could easily make other companies happy. Also available for private use in the weekly subscription. Or as a voucher. 3. My favorite: The Bitebox "Johannes B. Körner. 4. Mari presents here the vegetable crisps incl. green beans, the crispy-fried and without flavor enhancer very appetizing over come. And they are absolutely delicious. 5th & 6 . The guys from LemonAid and ChariTea are almost old hands in the business. With every bottle of ChariTea sold, in addition to fair trade, social projects in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Paraguay are supported. More about the commitment of LemonAid & ChariTea e.V. here. And delicious new varieties with mate and blood orange are also available now. Tasty and good.

1 , - 3. Some time ago I shared the photo as a funny joke on facebook - now he suddenly appeared live and in color: The Pizza Machine. Put money in the top ... wait 2 minutes with a second-exact time display ... freshly baked pizza at the bottom of the box.The finished pizza tastes like you get it from a TK pizza by Dr. med. Oetker expected. And a little bit reminiscent of the Hot Witch from before. This has its own unique aesthetics. Whether that permeates? We'll see ... 4. & 5. A new star on the Cola Sky. Guarana-flavored, with organic sugar and ethically correct from FairTrade products. Made (well, who's on it?), Right !, near the Alps. The whole name is Gletschercola and was especially popular with the boys. Could that be the memorable slogan? 6. Well. The SmartWurst. He makes sausage. And is a toaster. At the top two Würtschel pure and after 1.7 minutes two sappy-brown candidates come out again. Works supposedly especially well with Krakowers. Omeiomei.

1. - 3. Emils Dressings consists only of natural ingredients that we would also stir at home in our salad dressing. No strange flavors, no fillers, no extracts, no thickeners, no sugar. No pasteurization. Large! The design is also really fun. Visit Emil's blog, visit Emil on facebook or simply buy the delicious dressings in the online store. Go now! 4th - 6. Sugary contrast program: The Konditoreninnung Hamburg is also represented at the Internorga. Here we try shortcrust pastry with raspberry espuma, Petit Fours with Hamburg coat of arms and a lot of marzipan and real Baumkuchen from the 20,000 Euro baking machine. Heaven, that's cute! Incidentally, the master of the guild is a representative of the old school and extremely charming. Incidentally, I dip - properly stocked with bakers hats - bravely a few pieces of Baumkuchen confectionery in couverture (see cover picture). You have to have done that too.

first - 3. The ice cream. Really. Since one can sometimes come up with the idea, it would be missing information on the label. Ingredients raspberry sorbet: raspberries, agave syrup. Nothing else. We tried the varieties mango sorbet, pistachio nougat and chocolate. Real saulecker, the ice cream. In addition, the cup is compostable and in the cardboard cover hide small flower seeds and waiting for planting at home. Currently available in selected cafes and restaurants. 4. Sugar art on cake 5. Hendrik cake tree top confectionery immersion 6. Deceptively authentic marzipan ham

1. The fair's own Liquid-Bar is like an oasis after the hours in the exhibition halls. There is nothing known that 2-3 gin tonic would not be able to do it again (this also applies to tired feet). second & 3. A delicious drink from Thomas Henry Tonic Water and Tanqueray 10. A teabag with ginger & orange provides for the special aroma. Refreshing! 4. A Moscow Mule with the Hamburg vodka bazic. Bazic is distilled in a small family business in Hamburg with Viva Con Agua spring water, is extremely mild and therefore tastes even without ice and soda and girls. 5. My discovery of the day: Ginger Cat - a ginger liqueur. Ever since I drank a once-delicious drink with ginger last summer, I was looking for a suitable product. And there it stands suddenly on the counter. Ginger Cat is currently available in some bars in NRW, but must land as soon as possible in Hamburg.Till, get in, so that the stuff is finally available in Hamburg! There is not much to see on the homepage, but you can follow it on facebook.

Many thanks to Bianca Gellert from the Hamburg Messe and Selina Nickel from DRP for the attentive and charming company.