About The Cookie House and reviews

Welcome to The Cookie House, the only place in Winston Salem where you can ALWAYS find Warm Cookies straight from the oven, ALL DAY!

Located on the Upper Level of Hanes Mall, near Belk. We have been serving cookies and making smiles for over 35 years.

This site presents just a sampling of what we create: Warm Cookies, Cookie Cakes, Specialty Items, even Wedding Cookies! Please browse our site, then call 336-765-3809 to order your own custom creation, or visit us at Hanes Mall. We promise, you won't be dissappointed.
he Store with Warm Cookies All Day Long!  



Michael S.

I'll tell you what I love about Cookie House.  It's old school cookies with all the modern fluff of today's bakeries!  Having come here when I was a kid, I was excited when I walked in to notice that nothing has changed!  Still doing cookies the way you'd do them at home!  There's no perfect shape to them.  There's no perfect thickness to each cookie.  They aren't into the gourmet recipes of today's bakery.  In fact, you'll see a small window in the back where someone sits decorating large cookies with icing of your favorite cartoon character!  Now I do love today's trends of bakeries, but there's something about walking in and being able to buy a warm cookie out of the oven!


Holly K.

When you walk by this place at the mall the smell really draws you in! I love a good cookie and this place does not disappoint if you are in the mood for a warm, sugary, doughy treat. My husband is a big fan of a good old cookie cake, for his birthday I figured I would order one from The Cookie House. I like that you can pretty much pick any design your little heart desires and they will make it happen. As you can see from the photo I went with a guitar and I think it looked really neat and fun. I found the prices really reasonable for a decorated cake. Great option if you are looking to save a few dollars in that area for a party. The cake was delicious and I ate far, far, too much of it. Would order from them again! They are located on the second floor, my go to entrance for this area is the mall is the one right by the USPS.


April L.

They sold a raw cookie cake to me and everyone at my daughter's party is sick now. They will not return my call after asking for a refund!


Teresa M.

The warm chocolate chip cookies from this store are simply the best. I've been visiting this store since I was a child and it was named the "Cookie Factory". I take my children now, and they agree that there's nothing better than a warm chocolate chip cookie from this store. The other types of cookies are okay, and there is a decent variety of cookies in the glass cases, but the chocolate chip is the best hands down. 

About The Cookie House and reviews